Got Questions!  We Have Solutions!Why do I need a Professional Organizer?
The first step to getting organized is acknowledging that you may benefit from having someone help you stay on task and encourage you throughout the process. I can help you reach your home organizing goals in a more efficient manner than approaching the task on your own and teach you methods to maintain your organization for years to  come.
Is this the worst you've ever seen?
Please don't be embarrassed to have me see your home. As an Organizing Expert, Mimi is focused on the solution and not the problem. Her goal is to help you find peace with your things, your space, and your time. My organizing services are confidential and nonjudgmental.
Am I messy to need to hire an Organizer?
On the contrary, it is very common for our clients to be perfectionists that struggle with organization because they don't want to start the project until they can do it "right" or "perfect".  You may have been organized in the past, but a life change such as sickness, divorce, or the death of a loved one has left you feeling overwhelmed and unable to take the next step forward.
There is no "right" way to organize. It is a process and the way that works best for you is the "right" way.
How long will it take?
That depends on what your goals are for the project. Many spaces have been organized within the day while others require more time. On the first visit, we are able to get a better idea as to how to estimate the time needed for the project. From that point, it is your decision whether to continue the process on your own or have us work beside you for guidance.
Should I buy supplies before you come over?
We'll want to sort through the items first to see what you have before any purchases are made. This part of the process is called "containerizing" and is comparable to accessorizing a home. Do it last.
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